Aaron Taylor, EA

Senior Accountant

Zach Carver

What is your financial superpower?

Making it make sense. Taxes can be very confusing; I explain your tax situation in a way you can understand.

What makes you unique as an accountant?

As an enrolled agent with the IRS, I commit to always do what’s right for the client. I listen unhurried, then recommend innovative and progressive tax strategies. 

What are your beliefs about your profession?

Tax planning should be client focused. Whether it’s through income tax planning, or trust and estate planning, or through other strategies, I want to see you succeed not just in your finances but in life overall.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

Understanding your goals and developing a plan to help you reach desired outcomes. It’s fun to implement different tax strategies that ultimately will reduce your tax burden and keep more money in your pockets.

Do you work with a special market or are you drawn to one?

I enjoy helping everyone I can. That way, I find fulfillment and more opportunities to learn.

Is there anything in your life personally that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself and your clients?

Realizing financial literacy is a basic necessity. In my experience, those who don’t understand their finances are not able to achieve their financial goals. I’ve seen it with clients and peers, and I’m motivated to continue to enhance my skillset so I’m equipped to teach others.

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