It’s time to future-proof your firm

Our fully integrated acquisition process positions boutique advising firms for steady growth—and a secure future.

Improve Client Retention

Improve client retention

Expand Services

Expand your services

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate your growth

Income tax with instruction. Tax payment and filing concept

Greater value starts with smart systems

At Cook Wealth, we equip RIAs with both 

Today’s clients expect more from the professionals they partner with: More support, more in-house services, more communication, and more value-for-dollar. 

But for RIAs and boutique firms without a robust tech stack, a streamlined infrastructure, and on-team experts, delivering the more clients now consider standard is a stretch. 

Our proven acquisition program connects your talented people with our best-in-class processes, for a seamless transition that increases value at every level.

Full-potential growth for client planning

What can you achieve with Cook Wealth?

Going independent gives you the opportunity to serve a broader range of clients—and generate expanded revenue for your firm. But maintaining a wealth management company that consistently meets your clients’ evolving financial, investment, and tax needs takes more time, talent, and resources than many small and mid-size RIAs have.


Built-in benefits like these make operations, succession, and steady growth simple:

Robust Tech Infrastructure

Robust Tech Infrastructure

Team Based Approach

Team-Based Approach

High Yield

Access to High-Yield Savings & Integrated Banking Products

High Touch Services

High-Touch Client Service Processes & Strong Retention

Dedicated Business Development

Dedicated Business Development

In House

In-House Marketing, HR, Compliance, Tax Support, and More

Loyalty Building

Loyalty-Building Client Events

Professional Network

Broad Professional Network

One Stop Shop

Strong Marketplace Differentiation as One-Stop-Shop

Investment Selection

Proven Investment Selection & Monitoring Processes

At Cook Wealth, we provide our acquisition partners with the turn-key systems and ongoing team support they need to thrive today and prepare for a successful succession when the time comes.

Why partner with Cook Wealth?

Learn the culture and values that guide our firm, from owner Brian Cook, CFP®

Three steps to safeguarding your firm’s future

While every acquisition is unique, our partnership process consists of three key phases:


1. Exploration

We’ll start with a broad discussion of your goals, needs, and team to see if we’re a good fit for one another. 


2. Integration

After we complete due diligence and collaborate on defining a deal structure, we’ll begin integrating your team and clients, while building value through every interaction.


3. Acceleration

With a smooth transition plan in place, your team and clients can leverage greater tools and technology to plan for the future—and enjoy life now.

We believe in built-to-last:

Partnerships, Relationships, and Enterprises

You don’t establish a lasting legacy—for your firm or the clients you serve—by cutting corners or striving for good enough. That’s why we invest in great people, learn continuously, and work hard to help our clients protect and enjoy what they’ve built.
When you partner with Cook Wealth, you get more than a simple succession plan or proven infrastructure. You gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your team, your clients, and your legacy are positioned to last, no matter what the future holds.

How can we help your firm enjoy a stronger, fully supported future?