Brian Cook, CFP®

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Cook

What is your financial superpower?

My financial superpower is helping people regulate their emotions during times of stress– both negative and positive emotions.

What makes you unique as an advisor?

I’m unique because Cook Wealth is unique: the financial aspects of wealth management are easy for us. I call it technical excellence. So we work hard on getting to know people and cultivating real, lasting partnerships. It’s our way of making a difference as a team – helping clients lead meaningful lives because they trust us with everything else.

What are your beliefs about your profession?

I believe if you are honest, tenacious, and smart—if you have a good plan and enough time—there is nothing you can’t do.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

I enjoy sharing in the successes of others. Seeing something come to fruition that a client has been working toward with me for years – there’s nothing like it.

Do you work with a special market or are you drawn to one?

I do not work with a special market. I like helping people in all kinds of circumstances. My favorite partnerships are collaborative and involve lots of creative thinking.

Is there anything in your life personally that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself and your clients?

I enjoy working with people on work/life balance. Often people get started too quickly with empty goals. They spend too much time pursuing something without knowing why they want it, or if they even do. I know what that’s like. So I often say slow down and enjoy the ride. It’s cliche but can be helpful. No one else can slow down and enjoy your life for you. I get to walk alongside people as they consider what matters to them and why.

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