Steward your legacy with guidance from a Christian Financial Advisor

At Cook Wealth, our Christ-centered Wealth Managers, Financial Planners, and Tax Advisors help you do more with your time, talent, and treasure.

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Many advisors can help you save and invest your money. 

Our Christian Financial Advisors help you live generously, steward wisely, and build a legacy that lasts.

Each of us has been blessed with our own treasures and talents—the good things we’ve been given to care for our families, help our neighbors, support our church, and further God’s work in the world. But how to make the most of those treasures isn’t always straightforward. 

Today, countless financial needs, wants, and complications constantly vie for our attention. Between saving for college and planning for retirement, creating a tax-smart investment portfolio and giving wisely, building a legacy and enjoying life now, keeping it all in balance can feel overwhelming. 

At Cook Wealth, we believe in honoring God by stewarding every cent. Our faith-based team includes a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals, investment advisors, and tax professionals, and offers our clients values-aligned plans built around Christ-centered goals.

Certified Kingdom Advisors® apply biblical wisdom to every aspect of your financial plan

For simplicity, here at Cook Wealth, we describe all our trained financial professionals with a background in both finance (such as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional) and in biblical principles backed by Christian values, as Christian Financial Advisors.  When we refer to our team of faith-based financial professionals, we’re referring to both our Certified Kingdom Advisor® and our experienced tax, investment, and wealth advisors who approach money from deeply rooted Christian values and biblical wisdom.

A Certified Kingdom Advisor® is a financial professional who is specially trained on the Christian values, faith-based doctrines, and biblical principles surrounding money, through a specific and intensive educational program. You’ll often see advisors like CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals, wealth management professionals, investment advisors, and Certified Public Accountants pursue this special designation to further expand their ability to serve and support clients who want to do more with what they have.

A traditional financial advisor can offer valuable wisdom-based and knowledge-backed guidance. A Certified Kingdom Advisor® simply takes that support a step further, drawing from their dedicated training, testing, and education, to integrate biblical advice into their daily professional practice. 

At Cook Wealth, our advising team includes both a CKA® professional and Christ-centered financial experts with a biblical perspective on wealth, so you can find the like-minded partner you need to build a financial plan you’re confident in.

Why partner with a Christian Financial Advisor?

Around here, we have a saying: How you spend your money is, in many ways, how you spend your life. Because the needs, wants, and goals you invest your money into have a significant effect on your Kingdom impact—and the mark you leave on this world. That’s why we help our clients carefully steward their finances, and make the most of what they’ve been blessed with. 

A Christian Financial Advisor understands the faith-filled financial goals that matter to you, the value of generosity, and the desire to leave a lasting legacy. Here at Cook Wealth, we know the biblical principles you’ve raised your family around and we share your commitment to caring for those in need. You can trust the financial planning and investment strategies we offer, because we’re right there with you, striving for positive Kingdom impact through every financial decision.

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Christian Financial Advisors help you wisely steward the resources God provides

Money is an incredibly powerful tool. You can use it for personal pursuits, or charitable giving. To enhance your status or to support your community. To live for the moment, or for your lasting legacy. The choice is entirely yours. That’s what makes biblical financial advice so valuable, from a Christian Financial Advisor who understands both the earthly aspects of wealth and investment management, and the eternal Kingdom impact of a wise financial life.

If you’re wondering…

  • How to balance your short-term and long-term savings goals, like retirement, your child or grandchild’s college education, or real estate purchases
  • Where biblically responsible investing fits into your financial planning process and investment portfolio
  • How to optimize your retirement plan to minimize taxes and maximize your take-home pay
  • The best way to protect your estate and create a legacy of generosity

You can find a trusted advisor here at Cook Wealth. 

Use the buttons below to connect with our Christian Financial Advisor team, or take our financial health assessment to see where you stand.

Our approach to faith-filled financial planning is built on a 5-part framework

Each of us has the opportunity to use our resources to make intentional financial decisions that improve and enrich our lives, our families’ lives, and the community around us. When you understand how to use financial planning and biblical wisdom to direct your finances, you can amplify your Kingdom impact in a powerful way. 

The financial advice our Christian Financial Advisors offer is built around these five uses of money:

Give. Giving encompasses how we serve our community with faith-filled tithes, offerings, charitable giving, and generosity towards those in need. It also includes our plan for passing our assets along to the next generation with a wise estate plan that protects your family’s legacy. 

Live. Everyday spending is the single biggest determinant of your financial health. Only when we learn to save, invest, and give more than we spend can we truly reach financial security. 

Grow. Our investment decisions have a significant effect on our long-term wealth—and what we leave behind for the next generation. Responsible investment management ensures every dollar is stored in the optimal bucket. 

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Owe. Careful stewardship of debt gives us the opportunity to live free from financial stress and have a greater impact along the way. 

Taxes. Even the best investments and financial plans will trigger taxes. But strategic financial decisions and careful planning can optimize your year-end tax bill—so you can keep (and give!) more of what you earn.

As you can see from this list, biblical financial stewardship is about more than saving and giving. The investments we make, the taxes we pay, and the estate plans we prepare are all a part of the wise stewardship process.

Your Cook Wealth Christian Financial Advisor offers financial planning built around these foundational biblical principles, combining our investment philosophy with our commitment to living generously. And our biblical perspective on living, giving, growing, owing, and paying taxes helps you manage your investments, meet your financial goals, and create a legacy that honors God and your family.

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Our Christian Financial Advisors have a holistic perspective on money

Our Christian Financial Advisors support a variety of tax optimization, financial planning, investment management, and financial strategy needs. We can help you set meaningful goals, offer money-saving tax advice, and even help you compare different financial moves—like buying a new home or cashing in stock options—to find the most favorable option. 

In addition to managing the technical side of your savings and investment strategies, our advisors also offer a faith-based perspective on every situation, so you can make financial decisions that align with your values, priorities, and biblical principles. Our clients are typically looking for an advisor who can help them:

  • Balance saving with investing, and spending with giving
  • Find opportunities to give generously in the way that best benefits the recipient
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind and free time, knowing their financial house is in order

We believe in honoring God with our faith, our efforts, and our finances

In a materialistic world focused on money, things, and empty pursuits, our commitment to the biblical principles of generosity and stewardship call us to live differently. Yet, many savers and investors don’t have a financial advisor in their life who can help them navigate the complexities of wealth with Christ-centered wisdom and humility. We’re on a mission to change that.

If you’re looking for a Christian Financial Advisor and partner who shares your values, knows your story, and supports the goals that matter most to you and your family, connect with our team, and steward every cent.

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