Dante Stefanelli, CPA

Senior Accountant

Zach Carver

What is your professional superpower?

Attention to detail. I thrive in complexity and love digging in to a complicated tax situation.

What makes you unique in your role?

My desire for the client to understand the plan and the method. I don’t simply do the work: I invite them into the plan so they’re a partner in it, not a bystander.

What are your beliefs about your profession?

So many pieces are always changing – it can be hard to wrap your head around. Tax is a complex beast. But it fits me perfectly because I like to be challenged to pivot — keeps me on my toes. What’s the most fun part of your job? Seeing a variety of client circumstances and working with clients directly. Work is more meaningful with the taxpayer themselves versus a company or other liaison. Taxes can be scary, but I get the privilege of making the client feel better.

What particular client personality or circumstance are you most drawn to? (Who are you best at helping / who do you most like to help?)

Someone who wants to participate in the plan and likes the details. I like going over the nitty gritty with them when they’re interested and want to understand. But if they don’t, no problem!

What particular client personality or circumstance are you most drawn to?

Small business owners who have the right advisory team from the start and people who are super charitable. I like to help small business owners get it right from the beginning so they can grow. I’ve worked with lots of businesses who didn’t have great tax help when they started and then we had to clean up the mess.

Is there anything in your life personally that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself, your clients, or your community?

 I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so I really understand that business owner mindset. I’ve seen the hard work it takes my entire childhood. I recognize the hustle required to succeed, when people are passionate about their business and impact. I’ve always loved business – growing up my parents ran their own business and still do. Out of curiosity, I took an accounting class in high school and fell in love with accounting. College courses only confirmed my love for all things tax. My love for accounting and understanding of business owner hustle converge and motivate me to advance in my career while helping clients.

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