Kim Clark, CPA/PFS

Associate Wealth Advisor

Kim Clark, CPA — Associate Wealth Advisor

What is/are your financial superpowers? (what are you best at?)  

Financial planning can feel overwhelming, so I explain complex concepts in simpler terms. I want to make a financial plan as simple as possible.

What makes you unique as an accountant and individual?  

Holistic approach: financial planning and tax planning go hand in hand. In work and in life, I want to see the whole picture.

What are your beliefs about your profession? 

I am excited about changing the perception of 2 things: financial advisors are just untrustworthy salespeople and they only serve mega-millionaires. Neither are true here. Cook Wealth creates financial plans that change lives for the better.

When I was growing up, the idea of meeting with a financial planner was only for the rich. I like that financial planning is accessible to anyone, and that Cook Wealth works to serve clients to meet their life needs, not just monetary needs.

What’s the most fun part of your job? 

As an extrovert, I like interacting with our team and clients every day.

Are you drawn to a particular client type? If so, why?  

I enjoy helping those who, like myself, were not taught growing up how to prepare for their financial future. It is rewarding to show them how they can not only change their lives, but those of future generations. It’s not too late.

Is there anything in your life personally that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself and your clients? 

My family did not talk about money, so I taught myself how to budget and save. I made a lot of mistakes during that learning process, so I’m committed to helping people avoid those mistakes and set themselves up for success early.

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