Leanna Pierce

Client Services Associate

Zach Carver

What are your superpowers?

Organization, planning, and building genuine relationships. I enjoy being able to refine processes and help simplify things for others.

What makes you unique as a financial services professional?

As a former educator, it was important to me to teach my students about finances at a young age. This opportunity isn’t afforded to all, so it’s important to me to help in the process of educating others so they can reach their goals without financial burdens and stressors that could have been prevented.

What are your beliefs about the financial planning profession?

Financial planning for your future (and for right now) is essential to living your best life.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

Building authentic relationships with our team and clients. I’m truly invested and want our clients to reach their goals.

What particular client personality or circumstance are you most drawn to?

Keep the variety coming. Honestly, I like working with everyone. I like the challenge of working on different situations and the variety of stories each person has to tell.

Tell a personal story that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself and your clients or community.

My parents have saved and done well financially throughout their life, even though my dad has worked on commission for over 25 years. Because of their financial planning, he is retiring early! I want to see others experience this same type of success.

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