Matthew Merry

Marketing Director

Zach Carver

What is your superpower?

I ask why. Instead of just putting my head down and working, I like to think about how a particular task fits into the larger picture. Why do we do it this way? Is there a better way? What’s the goal? Doing so helps me improve the process while getting the job done.

What makes you unique?

I am a lifelong learner with little formal training in Marketing. I have a liberal arts degree in Theology, but I switched career paths in 2015 without going back to school. Learning continually has helped me stay on top of the most current and effective strategies. It also forces me to see things from a new perspective.

What are your beliefs about the financial planning profession?

Being in Marketing is like being a megaphone. My role is to evangelize the brand. To have integrity, I have to believe in what I’m marketing, which is why I love working for Cook Wealth. Everyone on the team cares about each other and our clients. Our service helps people live a better life and that makes work fulfilling.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

I get to work with lots of different video and photo equipment. I built a rolling podcast command center with video switchers, a large monitor, and an audio interface that connects to three 4K mirrorless cameras and 3 podcast microphones. That’s a lot of fun to control. The best part about it is using that technology to create high-quality content that serves a purpose.

What particular client personality or circumstance are you most drawn to?

I am drawn to authentic people. When I get to film a client testimonial for one of the many people our team has helped, it excites me. I like hearing how our holistic approach has helped people live the life they dreamed of.

Tell a personal story that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself and your clients or community.

Coming to work at Cook Wealth has helped me improve my financial situation. Just being around the great advice every day helps me think about the way I’m using the financial tools at my disposal. The book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” also motivated me to take a hard look at how I’m contributing financially to my family. With three kids, I have a responsibility to handle money well and teach them how to handle money.

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