Raleigh Wealth Management

Almost anyone can look after your investments.

At Cook Wealth, we look after you.


Call us for anything, and we’ll do our best to help.

We’ve helped clients apply for loans, get government grants, and even sell or buy a business.


Leverage a full team focused on your big picture.

We eliminate the need for you to work with multiple providers, like accountants, lawyers, or real estate agents. We’ll connect you and oversee their work on your behalf.


Get better tax expertise.

We don’t just do your taxes; we plan your tax strategy, so you can keep more of what you earn.

Life is complicated.

And it’s a challenge to feel confident in financial decisions you make on your own.

Our team of financial advisors, tax experts and investment managers partner with you to make the smartest decisions for your unique life stage, circumstances and priorities.

No more back and forth with your CPA and financial advisor.

We serve as your accountant, financial advisor, and investment advisor. Plus, we carefully select partners to help you with a variety of other needs.

No need to google 47 things every time you make a financial decision.

We know what questions to ask and where to find the answers. Our experience in wealth planning and accounting enable us to proactively coordinate your entire financial picture.

No more wondering if your advisor knows your name.

We’re not robos punching algorithms or sales people trying to hit a quota. Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations. We care about getting it right, because we care about you.

Wealth Management Services:
What’s Included?

Our Raleigh wealth management team helps you with …


Everyday Finance

Our goal is to help you envision your future and enjoy life now.

  • Mortgage/Refinance Advice
  • Navigating Employer Benefits
  • Budget Planning

Family Legacy Planning

We seek to understand, support and ensure your legacy—creating a plan to seamlessly transition wealth to your beneficiaries.

We connect you with an attorney and guide you through:

  • Estate / Legal Document Review
  • Healthcare / Long-Term Care Assessment

Tax Planning

We look ahead and behind, optimizing your tax situation over several years. We know what your tax return will look like long before we prepare it.


Debt Management

First we’ll review your debts or loans. Then we’ll advise which to pay down how and when. Then we’ll set up the payments to make it happen.

Goals-Based Planning
We’ll help you set meaningful financial goals and create a plan to achieve them.

  • Major Purchases
  • Charitable Giving
  • Education
  • Retirement

Investment Management

There is no one-size-fits-all investment philosophy. Based on life goals, risk capacity, tax situation, and ideal time frame, we design portfolios that are customized to your needs.


Insurance Planning

  • Overall Insurance Review
    (Life, Long-Term Care, Disability)
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Policy Recommendation

Cash Flow Optimization

We balance your cash available for immediate needs while keeping your investments growing as long as possible.

As you approach retirement, we create plans to generate income to accommodate your desired lifestyle.

We can also help with

Tax Preparation

Tax law is complex, and taxes can become overwhelming when you have money moving in lots of places. Let us handle your taxes.


Business Transitions or Estate Resolution

For estate needs or business sales and acquisitions, we refer to attorneys and are active participants in the process.


Insurance Policies

We aren’t tied to any one insurance company, and we will never recommend insurance you don’t need.


Basically Anything …

Clients can call us before making a big purchase, going on a trip, donating, or opening an account. The more you involve us, the more we can help.

With us, it’s this easy:

Schedule a Meeting

Select a time to meet with a financial advisor to find out how we can help.


Learn What’s Possible

Set goals that give your life meaning, and find out how to structure your finances to achieve those goals.

Live the Life You Want

Have a clear financial plan to do what matters to you.

Will I Work Exclusively With One Advisor?

Cook Wealth is proud to offer the help of a team of professionals, each member aptly suited to assist you in his/her area of expertise. Cook Wealth’s team approach means each of us is aware of your needs and preferences. Your lead advisor will work with our tax professionals, client services team, and additional wealth advisors to provide great service based on your custom plan.

We also offer the services of our select partners. While the majority of our services are provided in-house, we also coordinate with estate attorneys, property and casualty agents, bankers, and more to meet all your needs – financial and otherwise.

Do You Benefit From Recommending Outside Contacts?

We receive no compensation for our recommendations. We choose professionals who provide the same high level of service you receive from us. We recommend our select partners only to help you succeed.

How Do You Charge?

Cook Wealth is fee only, meaning we only succeed if you succeed.

You need an advocate, not an hourly bill. We are an independent fiduciary, which means brokers’ and banks’ own interests won’t get in the way of yours.