Every financial decision adds up.

Make stronger, smarter, optimized ones with tax guidance and wealth management from Cook Wealth.

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Invest Strategically

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Minimize Taxes

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Build a Lasting Legacy

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When taxes get complicated

We make the complex, simple

No one wants to miss a tax deduction, overlook a smart investment, or lose a key savings opportunity. But for high income earners and those with large or complex estates, making the most of every potential financial move can feel overwhelming. 

Particularly when:

  • Unbalanced investments may put their nest eggs at risk. 
  • Moving money at the wrong times could cost them—in ROI and at tax time.
  • A simple estate planning error can mean their heirs don’t receive what was intended.

Having a high net worth means more options—and more overwhelm. That’s why we’re here.

No matter the financial goal

Our Tax and Advice Teams can help.

We believe the best partnerships are built on trust. We take the time to get to know our clients, their values, and what success means to them and their families. Financial plans aren’t one-size-fits-all—and neither is our guidance.


Our comprehensive services include:

Tax Services

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Tax Preparation and Guidance

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Tax Advising for Businesses

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Integrated Tax Advice

Wealth Management Services

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On-Demand Expert Advice

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Proactive Goal Monitoring + Budgeting

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Ongoing Investment Management

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Performance Analysis & Optimization

“During my first interaction with Cook Wealth, they described Defined Benefit plan participation and the impact that could have on my taxes. They also discussed better ways to manage my charitable giving going forward, and advised me on refinancing our home. Both of these meetings resulted in a much better financial outlook for me and my family. 

What impressed me most was how they interweaved my personal and family life goals into the financial discussions.”


– Karen A.

Karen is a current client and was not compensated for sharing her story.

We look after more than just
our clients’ finances.

We look after them.

We understand—when taxes become complicated and finances get tangled, stewarding every dollar can feel overwhelming. Everyone wants to make the most of what they’ve worked hard for, and leave a lasting legacy, but it’s hard to balance saving, spending, investing, and taxes. 

That’s why our experienced Tax and Advice Teams are committed to helping our clients optimize their tax bill, make future-focused investment decisions, and establish a legacy they’re proud of. 

At Cook Wealth, we know wealth is a resource and a responsibility. To create a tax-optimized plan that balances both:

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Our clients often ask:

Will I work with one advisor?

Our clients are paired with a specialized Advice Team—a small group of seasoned financial professionals with proven expertise and a commitment to serving you well. Our team-based approach gives you greater access to varying perspectives, experiences, and advanced knowledge, so we can offer accurate guidance, no matter your situation.


How do you charge?

Our tax compliance and filing services are offered for an annual preparation fee that starts at $750, based on your filing needs and situation. Connect with a Cook Wealth Tax Advisor to learn more about our filing services, ongoing tax guidance, and tax preparation support for businesses.

Our wealth management service fees are based on a percentage of your assets under management (AUM), and range from 0.75% to 1.5%, based on your AUM. Our AUM fee and no-commissions model means we have a vested interest in your financial success, no matter what investments or savings tools you leverage.


What services do you offer?

Our tax services include a detailed tax return review, annual tax preparation, year-end planning, capital gain tax planning, and tax-efficient suggestions for future filing years. If you own a business, you can also choose to add business consulting, customized retirement strategies for you and your employees, business acquisition consulting, and more.

Our comprehensive wealth management services include goals-based planning and monitoring, expert advice throughout the year, tax-smart investing and savings strategies, investment management, performance analyses, and more. We can even help you plan for a big purchase, optimize your charitable giving, set up a college fund for your children or grandchildren, or evaluate your estate plan.


Who do you work with?

Our tax services are most beneficial for high-earners and high-net-worth individuals with earnings from a business, significant investments, or income from multiple states.

Our wealth management services support individuals who want tax-smart savings and investing strategies that balance growth with generosity, while creating a legacy they’re proud of. Business owners and specialized professionals in particular can benefit from our holistic wealth planning and investment management strategies.