Seth Large, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Zach Carver

What is your financial superpower?

Making the complex simple. The financial world is full of jargon. I try to make it easy to understand.

What makes you unique as a financial services professional?

My holistic view of your plan. Tax planning, retirement savings, debt paydown, estate planning… each plays a key role and they all need to be planned for simultaneously. That big picture view, with attention to timing, is what really makes your plan effective.

What are your beliefs about the financial planning profession?

I believe that everyone can benefit from collaborating with a financial planner. Personal finances can be a very emotional topic for most; working with a planner who understands you quiets the noise and clarifies the choices your emotions may be clouding.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

Far and away the most fun part of the job is spending time talking with our clients. It excites me every day knowing I get to spend time getting to know interesting individuals from all walks of life.

What particular client personality or circumstance are you most drawn to?

Although I enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds, what excites me the most is working with young professionals who are excelling in their career. Creating and implementing a sound financial plan at this age sets them on fantastic the path to reaching all their goals. Additionally, we get the opportunity to watch them, and their families grow and celebrate the many milestones throughout our partnership.

Tell a personal story that has helped motivate you to improve the financial situation of yourself and your clients or community.

My parents both grew up in very low-income households. Still, their commitment to education and hard work in their career put them in a better position than they could have imagined growing up. They always put their children first, which translated to them saving less for their own goals and retirement. In recent years, my parents asked for my professional advice, and together we have created a plan for them to reach their retirement goal at an earlier date than they had anticipated. This has been one of the most rewarding times in my career. I have been able to guide and instill confidence in those who mean the most to me. At the same time, my parents’ story has motivated me to save more and to share with clients the power and advantages of saving for your goals early in life.

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