What if your financial advisor was also your CPA?

Clients often come to us looking for more — more peace of mind, more collaboration, more proactive contact and better responsiveness.

At Cook Wealth, we will:

Encourage you to define what you really want.
Rather than setting empty financial targets, we’ll help you choose meaningful goals.

Help you invest consciously.
We help you invest to support your plan, according to your values—including the impact of the companies in your portfolio.

Walk you through big decisions.
Anyone can take care of your investments. We take care of you. We’ll help with everything from managing debt to evaluating benefits packages at a new job or planning any major purchase. 

Handle your taxes.
We handle tax preparation and coordinate tax strategy with every planning decision.

Do more. 
More than just your investment manager, Cook Wealth helps with  funding education, smoothing your estate transfer, planning a home purchase or refinance… Ask us and we’ll recommend someone to get it done.

Our team won’t:

Sell you things you don’t need.
Our only incentive is your success. 

Invest without considering your taxes.
It’s tax strategy that can make or break a plan.

Stop at just your investments.
Your financial plan is a lot bigger than just your investments: from cash flow planning to insurance and estate review, we help you make informed decisions.

See retirement as the end goal.
We help you create a post-retirement plan for your next stage of life.

Use cookie-cutter methods.
You are unique and so is your financial plan. We’ll get creative to help you set and achieve meaningful financial goals.

Pass you off.
We make time to help you with any life event. Estate changes? Small business hurdles? “Non-finance” stuff? We’ll bring in trusted partners and oversee their work. 

No more back and forth with your CPA and financial advisor.

We serve as your accountant, financial advisor, and investment advisor. Plus, we carefully select partners to help you with a variety of other needs.

No need to google 47 things every time you make a financial decision.

We know what questions to ask and where to find the answers. Our experience in wealth planning and accounting enable us to proactively coordinate your entire financial picture.

No more wondering if your advisor knows your name.

We’re not robos punching algorithms or sales people trying to hit a quota. Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations. We care about getting it right, because we care about you.

More about our services

We spend time connecting with you. “How are you?” is a real question here. We really want to know!

Marilyn Yoder, Office Administrator

Brian Cook

It’s about you—your needs, your definition of success. Everything we do—the taxes, the plans, the support—is getting you where you want to go.

Brian Cook, CFP®, Chief Executive Officer

We partner with you to navigate your financial world with no obligation to sales metrics. The only goals that matter are our clients’ goals.

Dave McDougall, CFP®, Chief Advisor Officer

Our goal is to help you live life empowered.

Set meaningful goals, have confidence in your financial decisions, and rely on an experienced team for support.